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Professional packaging

Our company specializes in the production of cardboard packaging. We make packaging from corrugated, solid and laminated cardboard. We use a multi-colored print that significantly increases the quality of the packed product and the prestige of your company. In addition, it is possible to refine the graphic design by painting the product. The design, size and construction of the box are selected individually for a specific product. You can pack all products in our packaging.

What can we produce for you

Our offer includes

Single packages

Need packaging? We will choose and manufacture one, especially for you, regardless of quantity.

Bulk packaging

Do you want to pack your many products? We will prepare bulk packaging that guarantee preserving highest quality of your products.

Industrial packaging

Are you a producer or importer? We will help you choose proper packaging for your product. Printing logo on packaging will help promote your product.

Support pack promotions

Do you need unusual packaging? We will prepare special ones just for you!

Flexo printing

Flexography (flexo) – a technique of relief printing with flexible forms and quick-drying liquid paints.

Corrugated board

We offer: three- and five-layer corrugated cardboard in white or natural colour.

cooperation with Karton Polska

Simple and transparent cooperation

1Determining customer needs

This is the first and most important step to choose the right type of cardboard and match its properties to the packaging of the industry and product. For packaging flowers, a completely different cardboard and packaging design are used than for large-size cardboard for household appliances.

2Choice of material

For the production of packaging, we use solid and corrugated cardboard, which consists of external, smooth sheets of paper and internal sheets - wavy. There are many types of corrugated board - each of them has a different technical specification, and thus practical properties.

3Adjusting the cardboard structure

We often rely on the FEFCO catalog when working with clients. This is a set of basic designs of cardboard packaging, which aims to replace the complicated descriptions of cardboard packaging design (corrugated and solid) with simple symbols commonly understood around the world, regardless of language differences. Each of the items in the catalog can be freely modified in terms of dimensions or cardboard used. Usually, the meshes are modified - so that the packaging performs its function as well as possible.

4Packaging printing

Packaging alone is not everything. As we know, a significant part of the packaging is its printing. We print on packaging in flexographic technique up to six colors and in offset technique for laminated packaging (the outer layer of cardboard is printed paper).

5Preparation of samples

Thanks to them, the customer will check whether the product meets its requirements regarding dimensions, type and thickness of cardboard and how to fold. We use a cutting and creasing plotter to prepare test samples, which significantly speeds up the order preparation process, because at this stage we do not need a punch.

6Order, production, delivery

After accepting the samples provided, only formalities regarding date, quantity and delivery remain. The many years of experience of Karton Polska employees guarantees that the whole process will be carried out efficiently and on time.

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